International symposium on


Nov 19-20, 2022
@Nara, Japan


We are pleased to inform the International Symposium on "Plant-Structure-Optimization" will be held during Nov 19-20 (2022) in Nara, Japan.

This symposium aims to share the results of our 5-year project (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Plant-Structure Optimization" FY2018-2022) and NAIST-UBC International collaborative lab (established in 2017) with the international scientific community and discuss further directions. For this purpose, we will invite leading researchers from abroad in this symposium, and the project members will give oral and poster presentations. In addition, the oral presentations will be open to general audience, and streamed online.

Our project has been generating an new research area that covers plant cell walls, plant biomechanics, plant physiology, and plant environmental response, by integrating plant biology, instrumentation engineering, polymer chemistry, and materials engineering.
Please join us for this symposium and learn more about the latest "Plant-Structure Optimization" research!

Dr. Taku Demura (NAIST, Japan)
Head of "Plant-Structure Optimization" project


Dr. Toru Fujiwara (Univ Tokyo, Japan)
Dr. Kiyohiko Igarashi (Univ Tokyo, Japan)
Dr. Misato Ohtani (Univ Tokyo/NAIST, Japan)
Dr. Lacey Samuels (UBC, Canada/NAIST, Japan)
Dr. Shinichiro Sawa (Kumamoto Univ, Japan)

In-Person Symposium

This symposium will be basically held as in-person meeting at Nara Kasugano International Forum "I RA KA."

Poster session

For exchange the output of "Plant-Structure Optimization" project (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, supported by MEXT), we will have a poster session by the project members.

Live streaming of oral presentation

Oral presentations will be streamed live to general audience. (For the COVID-19 regulation, on-site participation will be basically limited to the project members).



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